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Do Babies Need a Dental Routine?

Do Babies Need a Dental Routine?   Even before your baby develops its teeth, it is necessary for them to maintain a healthy mouth. This is a job for Parents (or carers)!  While using toothpaste or any kind of wash is not needed, it is a good idea to develop the habit of washing your

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What is Bruxism and why do you grind your teeth?

Teeth grinding is likely to affect everyone from time to time and is often linked to stress. This condition may affect some more than others and more often than not, it occurs during sleep. Occasional teeth grinding does not usually result in any harm as the duration is not long and the pressure on teeth

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6 Fun Facts About Your Tongue

Here are 6 Fun Facts About Your Tongue that you didn’t know!   The tongue is one of the few organs that we can see. It is the large fleshy lump of pink muscle that rests in your mouth, protected by your teeth. The tongue has a number of different responsibilities and is known best

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4 Oral Health Symptoms You Should Not Be Ignoring

Few things are more important than one’s health. That being said people often make the mistake of ignoring their oral health and not giving it enough importance which often leads to problems. So, even if you count yourself among the dentally lazy, there are some things not even you should ignore.   Bleeding Blood is

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5 Ways to a Brighter and Healthier Smile!

5 Ways to a Brighter and Healthier Smile!   A lot depends on pearly whites, that sparkle on a dark day’s dawn twinkle warmth at all the coldness and brighten up a dim morn. Smiles should make you and those around you feel good. Smiles are contagious and reflect how happy and healthy you are.

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Why Does Gum Recession Occur?

Why Does Gum Recession Occur? A gingival recession (aka gum recession) occurs when the gum tissue recesses and lowers its position on the tooth. This usually exposes the roots of the teeth. Some lifestyle habits can trigger this condition. And the treatment option is usually dependent on the cause. Let’s probe into some of the

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How To Effectively Use Mouthwash

How To Effectively Use Mouthwash A significant number of people do not know how to use a bottle of mouthwash properly. What are some of the best practices? How can you avoid problems that put your oral health at risk? If you are looking for ways to efficiently use mouthwash, keep reading. Most people think

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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? Teeth whitening is a lightening procedure that removes stains and discoloration of teeth. Teeth tend to get stained as a result of continued tobacco use, consumption of dark liquids such as coffee, and failure to take proper care of teeth. Teeth whitening procedure Vital whitening is done on teeth that have

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4 Way You Can Stop Bad Breath

Here are 4 ways you can stop bad breath Bad breath is a common issue that can be easily tackled if you identify the source. In some cases, this is a simple as adjusting your hygiene routine, but it could be that more unusual habits are the main cause of your problem. Refine Your Oral

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Is Bleeding Normal When You Brush Your Teeth?

Do your gums bleed when brushing and are it normal? The short answer is no, but it’s important to understand why your teeth may be bleeding so you can take action before your oral health deteriorates. Bleeding when you brush can be a sign of a serious oral health condition, which if ignored could develop

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